1940's Bib Apron
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One size fits all,
unless you are a plus size like I am and one size fits all but me…..Directions below for expanding for plus sizes. Directions for adding inches for plus size included in each pattern.

NOTE… This apron is made from discarded dresses. The blouse is removed from the skirt and one seam of skirt (center front, center back or side seam) is opened.* A waistband, ties and straps are cut from the surplus on the lower edge of garment or from blouse. A pocket and bib are cut from a contrasting color fabric and the apron is trimmed with J&P Coats Percale Bias Trim (double fold) in a color of the dress. J&P Coats or Clark's O.N.T. Mercerized Sewing Threads in matching colors are used for all the make-over aprons. Patterns for the pocket and bib are explained below under "How to Make Patterns".
This pattern is meant for recycling fabric or clothes you don't want anymore, but you certainly can make this apron with new fabric

Pocket: Mark a section 5 1/2" wide x 9" long. Shape side and lower edge in a curve as shown in Diagram K by broken line.
Bib: Follow same procedure as for pocket, marking a section 6" x 14 1/2'" (Do not add seam allowance to pattern pieces.
(If you expand the pattern for plus size, you can add to the bib at the fold. You don't need to expand the bib a lot for plus size. Adding 2" to 4" total should be enough. Add to the skirt area just by adding to the width of the pattern piece. Adding 2" to 4" to the ties should be enough, but if you think it is not, by all means add more.

Mark desired length of apron and cut off surplus. Trim off old seam allowance on opened seam.
Pocket and Bib: Cut one each, laying straight edge on fold of fabric. Waistband 1 piece, 5" x 20 1/2" (piece if necessary).
Ties: 2 pieces, each 3 ½" 27" (piece if necessary).
Straps: 2 pieces 1 1/2" x 20" (piece if necessary) .
Step 1.
Bind side and lower edges of apron with bias trim.
Step 2. For gathering, waistband and ties, see Steps 2a through 2f:
Step 2a. Run rows of gathering stitches at upper raw edge of apron (see Fig. DD).
Step 2b. Turn in and press short ends of waistband.
Step 2c. Baste and stitch one long raw edge of waistband to raw upper edge of apron, right sides together; adjust gathers evenly; match centers and side edges. Turn waistband up; press seam up. Turn in remaining long raw edge of waistband and baste in place along seam line on wrong side (leave ends of waistband open).
Step 2d. Finish one end and both long edges of each tie in narrow machine hems.
Step 2e. Fold a soft pleat on raw end of each tie and place each
pleated end between open ends of waistband; baste.
Step 2f. On right side, top stitch close to edges of waistband through all thicknesses. Press apron.
Step 3. Bind pocket, bib and straps with bias trim.
Step 4. Mark lengthwise center of pocket and bib. Run gathering stitches across pocket and bib (about 1 ¼" from upper edges) 2" each side of center (a continuous 4" gathering stitch). Pull up gathers to 2 ½"; fasten.
Step 5. Near lower edge of bib work two crosswise buttonholes, ends of but-tonholes about 1 ½" from center.
Step 6. Place pocket in position and top stitch close to edges, leaving upper edge open.
Step 7. Sew an end of each strap at an upper corner of bib (on wrong side).
Step 8. Finish waistband with two buttons to meet buttonholes on bib. Button bib onto apron. 
Have Fun!
We are all trying to recycle to save our earth. And everyone I know is trying to spend less money because everything is getting more expensive. I hope this apron pattern helps you to make a pretty apron for nothing or almost nothing.
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